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iReserve is a web application designed to make managing medical malpractice insurance claims easier. The design of iReserve has melded the knowledge of individuals from insurance, information technology, and human-computer interfacing to build a system which works the way you want it to, not the way it wants you to. By using industry-standard browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla) and Adobe Acrobat to access iReserve, little or no software installation is required on your computer. This also means that the same set of information can be viewed, manipulated, and analyzed by many users simultaneously regardless of geography, Internet connection speed, or operating system.

iReserve has been built with a variety of industry-standard tools that have shown good longevity, integrity, and ease of development. We would like to mention particularly these core technologies: Linux, MySQL, Perl, and Apache. Relying on these open source technologies provides us unprecedented control over the internals of the application and the ability to resolve issues without external vendor conflicts. By using Perl as iReserve's core application development language, we can painlessly and seamlessly integrate iReserve with web services (including .Net and SOAP), XML, and proprietary SQL databases such as Oracle and Sybase.


Several users have been setup to demonstrate the ease of partitioning one iReserve installation into separate work spaces. To make working with several entities at once easier iReserve has the concept of "client groups". A client group would typically be an organization that has multiple facilities. A given client group would then contain 'clients' which can be real insurable entities or master files that gather information from several clients for reporting and analysis.

For the demo our client groups are animals - Aardvark, Bear, and Cobra. (Our software developer was a Boy Scout, so if these sound like patrol names to you, good eye!) All entities (or clients) in each demo client group start with the same letter as the animal. So, Aardvark contains "Able Lab", "Angel Clinic", and so on. If you log in as a user that doesn't have any access to Aardvark (such as demo3 or demo4) you won't even see them listed.

iReserve Demo Users
  Access to Client Groups
User Name  Password  Aardvark Bear Cobra
demo1 demo Full None None
demo2 demo  Read-only   Read-only   Read-only 
demo3 demo None Full Full
demo4 demo None  Read-only  Full

Please note: All users have a password of "demo". Your browser must be capable of handling 128-bit encryption to access the demo.

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Please let us know if you have any questions or issues. Feel free to contact Frank Sweeney for a seasoned insurance perspective. Or you may direct technical issues to Christopher Hicks.